Script Reports

My script services are aimed at writers looking to develop their film or TV script for submission to production companies and screenwriting competitions.

Typically a report will be 3-5 pages long and will include a longline, plot synopsis (especially helpful if you are writing a treatment as part of your pitch) and my comments on structure, pace, character, dialogue and formatting elements. 

I’m also happy to negotiate shorter bespoke reports or consultation sessions depending on your requirements for your project.



Feature script reports
Up to 100 pages £150
More than 100 pages £200

Shorts and TV script reports
Up to 30 pages £75
30-45 pages £80
46-60 pages £90
More than 60 pages £100


Reports are usually provided within 2 weeks, but a fast-track service is available for an additional fee.

Order a report

To discuss your needs and order a report, please send your enquiry to