Victoria’s reports are excellent – clear, smart, insightful and concise, with a deft sense of the TV drama landscape and audience appetites. I’d highly recommend her services.
Ed Cripps, New Pictures

Victoria is a very intelligent and perceptive script reader, and totally reliable.
Murray Woodfield, Director UK Film Festival

Victoria’s report on my screenplay was invaluable. Her insights and recommendations – both specific and general – have in many cases been new revelations, while in other cases they have reminded me of elements of scriptwriting which I already knew but hadn’t realised that I was failing to put into practice. At the same time as being analytical and critical she is constructive and supportive. I highly recommend her to anyone with a commitment to improving their writing of scripts.
Rib Davis, Writer (United Agents)

This is my first time working with Victoria for script feedback and won’t be the last. Victoria sent a really in-depth analysis of the script. She has a great eye for the details and breaking down what moments can really be developed or aren’t reaching their full potential, all while keeping it constructive.
J. Griffith, Producer & Screenwriter

The report she produced for my feature-length script is excellent. There are numerous suggestions of changes that can be made to add weight and gravitas to the script. I know that when I have completed the draft based on Victoria’s notes I will have a far better, and more marketable, script.
S. Wright, Screenwriter

Victoria pinpointed all the areas of my script that could be improved upon with great clarity. It was exactly what I was looking for and helped me to see it again with fresh eyes. She even came up with an incisive way to improve the ending! Her report was very comprehensive and ready for me far sooner than expected. She was a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend her.
H. Johnson, Screenwriter

Victoria helped me immensely with not only my script, but also the series bible. Her attention to detail in all areas of my writing was extremely helpful. I will absolutely be contacting her again for future projects.
M. Landy, Screenwriter & Playwright

Victoria’s feedback on my TV pilot script was constructive, considered and insightful. She offered some invaluable tips that I’ll use not just for this script, but future scripts too.
A. Moran, Screenwriter

Very competitively priced with a fast turnaround for the amount of feedback I received. The notes I was given were clear, constructive, concise and most importantly of all actionable. Immeasurably pleased with the helpful and professional approach both before and after the report was issued. I would strongly recommend any writers looking to improve or polish their work to seek Victoria’s valuable and considered advice.
C. Merryweather, Screenwriter